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The award goes to the guy with the bagpipes


This guy earns 10x-20x more money that anyone around – and he has massive competition! Here’s a street level lesson in setting yourself apart from the competition in a tiny way for huge result.


Near the London Eye you’re met by a crushing sensory overload – masses of people, bars, restaurants, food vendors, exhibitions, lights, sounds, smells,  jugglers, fire eaters, freaky shows and magicians, singers, story tellers, puppeteers; people dressed as wild animals.. most every slice of entertainment you can imagine.  The entertainers were all in competition with one another and they all had their hats out in hopes of a few pence.  Everyone received some attention and they had a few coins in their hats.  But their income was near nothing compared to one lone bagpiper, who had people competing to give him money – he was making 10x-20x more money that anyone else.

Let’s look at what he did and how you might take a page from his book of tricks.
This guy had removed himself physically from the competition – there was nobody else around.  He made it a game – could we actually hit the box with our coins? He turned his panhandling scheme into something that was interesting for us rather than an annoyance.  He engaged us.

When all his competition had all the “advantages,” the right marketing, location, cool and interesting acts, this guy simply set himself apart from the competition (in a positive way) and made off with more money than anyone.

We all have competition, loads of it.  The trick is this – how can we set ourselves apart from the competition in ways that don’t mean investment in overpriced advertising or high overhead?
How can we keep overhead low and profit high?

How can we take a lesson from a bagpiping marketing genius who used human nature and a little talent to completely outdo his competitors and go home with 10x-20x the jingle in his pocket?


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