Freedom: Not for the faint of heart.

Clinging to the side of the mountain.


Reminding myself to breath we picked our way up the side of the mountain, rocks crumbling, as the old goat path of a road disintegrated away around us and rolled into the deep ravine below – all I could do was hug the mountainside, follow all the other cars, hang on tight and keep pressing forward.

Flashing back to the base of the mountain and the fork in the road when everyone took a right I thought we should go left – but I’d never been here before so I followed what everyone else was doing.

As the climb dragged on, in what felt like it took three times longer with ten times more terror than expected, we made the last hairpin corner and emerged at the top of the mountain and a small windswept alpine village.

Drained, I stopped to defragment and grab some lunch.  Commenting to the waitress about the road into town being treacherous, she shook her head, “They call that the old pilgrim trail.  Not sure why everyone keeps taking that way, there’s an easier road on the other side of town, more scenic too.”

Sure enough, a short time later, breathing easy, we glided down the other side of the mountain on new wide paved road – the  road my instincts said to take earlier.

I thought –

“It’s so easy to get stuck, bogged down and miss where you really want to go when we follow what everyone else is doing.”

There’s no freedom in it.

– But break from it, ask, “What is possible”

Everything changes.

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The choice is yours, which road will you take?


The answers we’re finding may be the answers you’re looking for too.


You be the judge,

JOHN ELIASON, Founder/Cheif Experimentologist


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