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First Financial USA

Repositioned and grew 125%


Credit card processing is hyper competitive. We repositioned and made it 4x easier to sell. Sales increased 538%. Now we’re exciting and elite; banks recommend us.  We’re not the biggest, but definitely one of the best.


CRM that saves time


Because you need CRM it’s too bad they’re all time sucking black holes.  We fired all of them and built our own. CONNECT does what you wish CRM did; speeds results and saves you time

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First Financial USA Wins Best Place to Work 8 Years in a Row!

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The answers we found may be the answer you’ve been looking for too

A very wise man told me, “When you finally find the answers you have been looking for , its your moral obligation to share these answers with other who have the same questions.” Becouse I wish someone had shared their answers with me, he had me. Now i share my (our team’s) answers with you.

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