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The Power of Awareness

Lab Notes

We often hear people say that we are our own worst enemies, and of course, we are, but there’s a way around that.

The trick is “how fast can we realize when we’re off track.”

It’s all about speed to awareness.

Like this:

When we should be getting work done and instead find ourselves surfing Facebook, news, porn, whatever your fancy, the faster we realize what we’re doing and get back on to what’s really important the more we achieve, the sooner we can get free.

But how do we become aware?

First, determine what it is that is truly important to you – this way you know when you’re off track. When you find yourself off that track, remember what’s really important and get back to it.

The more you do this exercise the faster your awareness – soon, you’ll recognize the mere thought of going off track and you’ll edge yourself right back where you need to be.

We’ve seen people go from 8 hours work days to 5, just by staying on track. Pencil that out to a career and it means 25 years rather than 40!

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