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IF you could find a way to double your business in half the time all while gaining more freedom…

How would that change your life?

REWIRE boils down years of learning curve so you don’t have to. You save steps, save time, increase speed, better your contacts and make more money. Now you can simply nail business and start living.

Let your business work for you not the other way around.

Praise for REWIRE

“If making a minor course correction meant the difference between surviving and thriving you wouldn’t hesitate to rechart your direction. John Eliason offers you that opportunity with this remarkable how-to.”

Harvey Mackay

One of America's most admired conscious capitalists, #1 New York Times best selling author and business mentor to millions.

I used these techniques and it works

“Finally, the method John Eliason teaches for creating the lifestyle you want is available for everyone in this easy to use guide. This book is the compact version of what he teaches to the entire team at his company. I know because I have learned these techniques from working directly with him for years. Through his coaching and guidance, I took the same techniques in this book and put them into practice to start and grow my own business. I have seen others working with him do the same. If you truly want to grow your business and your life…buy this book, study it, and live it. It works.”


Get ready, set ... REWIRE!

“Design a life? Why not? John Eliason makes the argument that our lives are better lived if we purposely design them by making 3 degree changes. Not only our lives, but our business as well. He appreciates time and is gracious enough not to waste our time with worthless information. You can sense the energy in the text. He explains in very simple terms how he has purposely designed his business and life. How he has ‘rewired’ his thinking and operations. But don’t be fooled, this is not a cookbook. Life is changing fast and to be relevant today and tomorrow you must be willing to constantly Rewire! Happily, it only takes a 3 degree change to make massive changes in the future.”

Ross A. Bergfalk


Fast Read with Logical, Implementable (and Proven) Strategies

“I’ve read countless business books through the years, especially on the topic of sales. I loved the graphics, analogies and writing style. Highly recommend!”

Anne H Morehouse

Rewire your life according to your own design.

“This book was a pure pleasure to read. It’s full of energy and insights from a man who shared his own success techniques with those of us who want to take that leap into real financial freedom. The “3-degree” element was brilliant and simple to incorporate into your life.. Every chapter has easy to follow steps for a new kind of future. There is no confusion about what to do next. This is a book that you all can read and finally break through the stumbling blocks holding you back and move your life into the world you’ve always dreamed of. John shows you how easily success can be achieved while still enriching all the personal joys that usually get put on the back burner. Get this book and learn how to have that life you’ve always wanted.”


Motivate yourself with a new strategy and purpose!

“John hits the nail on the head in Rewire! Do you really WANT to succeed? He takes no excuses just gives you a plan to follow. It’s been my highway to success – thanks John!”

Ron Johnson

"REWIRE" Is the perfect name for this book.

“John Eliason’s words were not only thought provoking but energizing. I found myself relating his ideas to not only my business but to my personal life as well. I’ve read so many self help/business books that I struggled to finish but I couldn’t put Rewire down. Highly recommend for all readers looking for tools (3-degrees) for improving your business and life.”

Rita Montgomery

A must read.

“I absolutely loved this book. As a college student, we have been required to read almost every business book under the sun, and every time I walk away from them saying “Well that’s great that you accomplished all of this, but how in the world did you get there?” Rewire answered this question for me. By using John’s 3-degree method, I finally have a step by step guide to understanding how to successfully grow a business without it completely taking over every other aspect of my life. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to grow their business while still maintaining and enjoying their personal life.”


Jaw Droppingly Amazing!

“John’s book can help change your life. He has the ability to weave his experiences into short simple easy to read format.”

“The thing I enjoyed the most about the book was that at the end of every chapter, I was able to walk away with in my hands useful easy to apply understanding.”

“If your looking for an authentic guide on how to retire any part of your life, then look no further.”

Neal Mody

The Inspiration to Start your Dream

“John’s book is a must read to improve your life and business. The book inspired me to go after my dream of being an entrepreneur. I highly recommend to this book to college students, like myself, seeking to find one’s passion. John will give you a kick in the butt to go after what really you love to do. Secondly, the book forced me to begin questioning (Rewiring) the way I looked at business opportunities and old business models. While at the same time giving the necessary building blocks to get the sales, to make money, and to get the business started. I am Rewired to begin adventuring in the world of business and living the life I always wanted. Read the book.”



“REWIRE clears up little things that have been holding you back in a big way.”

Brennan Spearman


“REWIRE is inspiring and entertaining while offering a concise, authentic, and systematic approach for business success! The author actually provides a step by step system that works! Outstanding book and fun to read!! Highly recommended!”

Jodi E. McErlean

Excellent read! Appliable to everyday life

“This book is a must read if you are looking to improve any aspect of your life! This book is written in a manner that is short, sweet, and right to the point. John does an amazing job at directly relating to everyday thoughts,feelings, and experiences that one goes through. It’s extremely captivating and can truly be applied to multiple facets of your life. I would recommend this book to anyone!”

Ryan Peters

Great Motivation--and Practical Advice

“Jam-packed with inspiration for anyone who is starting a business, running a business, or taking steps to change their life. This is a book that breaks the mold–with dynamic layout and accessible concepts. At the heart of it is a system that has worked for Eliason–and will work for anyone.”


Motivating, Challenging, Transforming! REWIRE!

“I just bought this book, thankfully this book doesn’t rehash the same old stuff in a new cover. It has been very motivating; it is also challenging my thoughts on how I run my business. With life moving so quickly these days it is hard to stay relevant with your clients as well as the processes within your business. I think this book will energize your thinking. I know if I am willing to execute on some of the great information John has shared. I believe that I will be able to maximize my opportunities. Thanks for taking the time to sow some seed into my life!”

Amazon Customer

5-Stars, This book is an amazing road map to success that really works!

“There isn’t anyone in the business world that couldn’t benefit from this book. The Author lays out a plan, all you have to do is follow it. I enjoyed the fact that the book was just over 100 pages, a quick read that gets to the point.”

“My job somehow evolved into a sales roll which I wasn’t excited about. I had a choice, either accept and excel at it or be miserable. The methods discussed in the book are proven and have helped me be successful. When you are good at what you do the stresses of your work life disappear, this book helps you be good at what you do.”


If you want RESULTS.... "REWIRE"!!

“I have never written a review before but I LOVED this book! REWIRE is so incredibly inspiring and fun to read yet full of innovative, practical and results driven tools. Finally, a how to book that really gives a step by step process that’s specific and easy to follow. And if you do nothing else, try the three degree principle!! Everyone in my office now has a copy of REWIRE and we refer to it daily. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get phenomenal results in business and live life on their terms!”

“My job somehow evolved into a sales roll which I wasn’t excited about. I had a choice, either accept and excel at it or be miserable. The methods discussed in the book are proven and have helped me be successful. When you are good at what you do the stresses of your work life disappear, this book helps you be good at what you do.”


Exceptional - Innovative - Realistic - VITAL!

“This book provides exceptionally simple guidelines to help anyone succeed if they will have the discipline to follow them. It is a very practical approach on how to accomplish your business goals – and the life you dream of having. John’s suggestions are easy to implement and he helps you understand how to make life work. The graphics are great – reading is fun and at the end – you want to use these ideas!”

“I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their results in business.”

Suanne Sandage