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Ah hem… The Rewire orgasm; an Amazon book review

Rewire book-selling experience

Yep, you read it right…

The other day, on Amazon, I received an interesting Rewire book review... The reviewer liked my book, but she loved my cover, she even compared her experience with it to the “I’ll have what she’s having” deli orgasm scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally.  Here’s what she said and here’s how we can use it to sell even more!

The Reviewer’s name is Judy, here’s what sh had to say:

“…There is a lot to say about this book’s contents, its enjoyable and engaging flow and layout, etc. I’ll get to that, however I have point out that the first thing that really struck me – the dust cover. I tend to appreciate good tactile experiences and this one got me a little excited! (Think Harry met Sally!). Hey, if your gonna be wrapping your fingers around something for multiple hours… how kind of the author/designer to give the public something that is pleasurable, all soft and silky to hold on to. MMMMmmm!!!…” (You can see the entire review by searching Amazon for “Rewire Eliason.”)

How can we you use this information to get more business?

1)  Understand that people do judge a book by it’s cover.

2)  Apply this knowledge for your gain.

Case Study 1: With the Rewire book, I did take extra care with the cover.  It’s a non-typical size, the colors are clean and simple, yet grab your attention – especially next to other books, the cover art embeds meaning – tangled vs clean. And even in a world gone digital, we strove to maintain the cover feel.  Based on this review, I think we, err… hit our mark.

Case Study 2: In sales these days we leave a huge number of voice messages.  At FFUSA (our merchant services company) we take extra care to leave an intentional message designed to get a call back – with interest.  Nearly no body in the world leaves an intentional message today. When you do, it’s noticeable.

What about you..?  What can you do that’s subtle, yet interesting in an intriguing way and gets your targets to lean in just a little closer to see what you’ve got?   It’s always a challenge – like coming to market with a unique book that people “enjoy” – but it sure is worth the extra effort; in fact it can pay in spades.

I’d love to hear what victories you’ve had/are having that separates you from the competition.

All my best,


P.S. Want the same Harry Met Sally experience? Buy the book!  Heck, buy a bunch of books and give them to all your friends..imagine the fun!


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