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The Important Piece is Action

Lab Notes, Misc

We’ve all read the statistics about how 90% of new businesses fail, but it seems like that’s only 1/2 the picture… The reality is that most of that 90% that “fail” actually FAIL TO LAUNCH – they just don’t know what to do, so they do nothing.

Call it fear or call it overwhelm, they just never step forward, figure it out and claim their dream.

Action eliminates fear because once you step into what was once unknown – it becomes known.

Action gives you the experience that you need for your next action.

Action expands your comfort zone.

Action gets you one step closer to certainty and freedom.

So…what’s one action you can take, right now, that you’ve been putting off? Just one action.. what is it? When you do it there’s real power in your action – it’s important.

Do it now.

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