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How to Communicate in a Jaded World

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There are two main differences that we see between people who are plateauing and people who are hitting it out of the park.

Today, people are jaded.

We have begun to not trust as easily.

Which has changed how we interact and communicate with our cold market.

Because of this lack of trust, there is no longer enough time to get them to say yes.

This means that they may say no at first.

But you know that what you sell is a good choice.

People’s ideas change.

And it seems the more tactfully you put yourself in front of people, the more they’ll remember you.

But how do you keep in contact with the hundreds or thousands of people?

Use CRM.

Keep in contact with them with unique and tailored messages.

Send them something that would interest them.

Maybe you have a blog, a video series or examples of your work.

Keep it short and brief.

But stick around and pretty soon, they’ll come back around.

Position yourself as a contact for when their ideas change.

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