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Starting over every month is a way, but compared to what could be… it’s often not even close. Business models with BREATHING SPACE –- plenty of freedom and extreme high value– have their own momentum, money keeps flowing in…  Look at your business like any business valuation expert and then decide. Here are a couple that we’ve done and ideas for others.

Problem is that most of are missing out because of how we’ve been taught to view and use our network. Here are the some surprising facts about networking that the world just doesn’t teach us. Using them may take you everywhere you’ve ever wanted to be.

Reduce your work-day by 2-3 hours and get more done.

You read about people who vagabond, yet have businesses (that work), here’s how I do it.

We entrepreneurs see opportunity everywhere. The problem is that sometimes we get into deals that we shouldn’t be making and miss out on deals that we should. Here are 3 measures you can use right now to help you make better business decisions.
In the time it takes most people to pay off their new car, you can be on your way to being free, but you need to launch and run your business just a bit differently. Here’s what we’ve found. It may take you on a different life journey.
No lab coats, just simple tests that add up to freedom.
Use this trick [for you] and projects get done quicker and you go home sooner.
The most fun you’ll have getting free.
Warren Buffett would appreciate this simple trick.
Using voicemail as a tool trims your day.