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If you could land your dream job in the next few months, how would that change your life?

If you could find a job that was interesting, challenging and even fun and every day you reached for what’s next in a way that’s meaningful to you, how would that change your life?

Problem is that 80% of us hate our jobs, so clearly there’s something wrong with the typical process of getting a job let alone finding a dream job. Buy some people really love their jobs, sure they’re challenging, but not in an exasperating way, but a reach sort of way. They reach, figure it out and turn the page. It’s interesting and they can’t wait till tomorrow.

Hint: It’s not what they’re telling you in school…  What we’re finding is a whole different way of thinking that lands the dream job.

Think differently

to win your dream job

Your dream job is out there. It’s exciting. It’s different. It wants you as much as you want it. Your job right now is to find it and get it. And like any quest to find something great, there’s a little thinking, planning, strategy and action. The good news, there is a map to get there.

The proven process map

#1 Your first step in landing your dream job is simply a matter of getting clear on what it is you want. Believe it or not, this is a radical departure from how most people pursue work.

Believe it or not, this is a radical departure from how most people pursue work.


#2 Next we’ll look into the minds of companies with dream jobs; when you know what they’re looking for then all you have to do is show them you’ve go it.

#3 Lastly you go get it. We’ll cover who you target, what you say and what you definitely do not say.

Let’s go!


Get Clear, Get Hired

You can land your ideal job and have all the cool challenge, accomplishment, growth, fun..In order to find it you need to know what it is.

 Only when you are clear will you find what’s right for you.

Some philosophers will also tell you, “Only when you are clear will, what’s right for you find you. Basically they’re saying that when you’re clear some sort of “magic” happens and what you’re meant to have finds you. Hey, call it whatever you want, think of it in whatever terms you want but one thing is for damn certain: Be crystal clear on what you want so you can get what you want.

Short Cut to Clarity

You can spend years contemplating what to do or days wandering though a desert, or weeks meditating with monks in Japan or months backpacking across Europe to “find yourself.” Yeah, well, all that may be find and dandy, but right now we need the Cliff Notes version of clarity so you can get your dream job.

By the way, your ideas and ideal will change over time, that’s ok, it’s human, it’s growth… That tells us that we need to check in with ourselves periodically to make sure we’re still on the right track or we need to look for a new one. Regardless of where you are, let’s get clear now.

1st start away from the job, with your ideal life; what does it look like?


Who’s around you? What do the buildings/land/environment look like? What do you do for fun? What part of the worlds is this? Where is this?

But I don’t know. That’s the problem, I don’t know what I want.

Good; perhaps even better.

It’s always ok to take one step back and look even wider. Ask yourself a different question: “What do I definitely not want?

Often starting here adds even more clarity.

So, what don’t I want? What am I not willing to do? What would I hate doing? Where (industry) would I detest working?

Where (location-wise) would I not want to work? Who would I really not want to work with? What jobs would totally suck? Who do I know that has a job that would not be a good fit for me, what are those jobs? What are they doing? Why would you hate it?

 …actually it gets kind of fun, you can really get on a roll!

And notice something… you’re getting clear. Ah… and your brain is starting to tell you what you do want. It’s how brains work.

P.S. If you want a deeper dive into locking in clarity take a peek at REWIRE (the book) pages 22-23, there’s cool exercise there that helps, a lot.

Refined Clarity

You may notice that you knew exactly what you want, good. You’ve had a mental check-in with yourself and this light is green and you’re ready to roll. Most of us find a refined clarity. We uncovered a thing or two, or three or thirteen that we’re glad we did before we race off and grab the first job we can find only to find we wish we were a bit more clear before we did it.

The Atlanta-to-Athens (Greece, not Georgia) intervention:

I’ve always known that clarity is a big deal, but like most of us I didn’t really practice it like I should. A while back I’d been feeling a bit like maybe what I was doing wasn’t what I was meant to be doing, perhaps there’s a life that’s better meant for me. I found my mind wandering, looking at other business ideas and thinking perhaps there were better life and business roads for me to travel. About that same time I was off on another adventure and I was going to be on a plane a looooong time and had a lot of time to kill (occurs to me that’s a terrible thing to do with time) and I could either “kill that time” or I could invest it.

I grabbed a blank journal and took off. Man, I scribbled and noted and wrote till my hand felt like it was going to fall off. I shook it out and continued and continued and continued. I circled the things I wanted to do in the next 5 years, 3 years, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month. I really felt my goals, like really got engaged and into them emotionally; some really felt and others didn’t – both told me who I was and what was important to me. And as the sun was coming up and we were flying over Spain I had clarity. I could clearly see what was next. It was clear that I had a few changes to make and I could se what they were and I could see that what I was doing (work-wise) was exactly what I wanted to be doing, I just needed to realize it. From that moment I felt better, clearer and more certain about my work. Little did I know I was doing exactly what I loved; it took checking in and getting clear.  

Little did I know I was doing exactly what I loved, but it didn’t feel that way.   That’s sometimes how it works. You may say, But I don’t know what I want. Usually that means, “I don’t know the final big plan, I don’t know what that is. That’s OK. It’s better to get on the right road than to sit and shiver and go nowhere. A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Let’s get you on the road to point A, B can come later.

Others will sense your clarity. Now that you’re clear your hunt will be 10x easier   Because you’ve taken the time to get clear, when you speak with those who are hiring, they will sense the clarity in you.   If you’ve read the Secret, it will tell you that this is all you need to is be super clear and the job will find you. Yeah well, clarity is magic and it is 50% of the ingredients, but action is what gets you there.   OK, you’re clear on what you want, now you need to be clear on what the company with the dream job is looking for. –When you are you can take control, show them why you’re the one, land your job and live happily ever after.     Let’s get you there!

Finding the job

Employers want dream employees just as much as you want your dream job. Set yourself up to find each other easiest.

Avoid the resume mill

It’s what everybody does and that’s nearly enough for any sensible person to run from it, but the real reason is just a numbers game.

Every year there’s 1.8 million grads and they’re all looking. Add that to the approximately 7 million others with their resume floating around out there and you become a needle in a haystack, hoe on earth do you expect anyone to find you?

Example: Recently I interviewed a woman, 32 years old, fantastic experience, smart, quick, more talent, drive, personality and experience in her little finger than most have in their entire bodies… She came to me though a key employee (she’s his wife). He said she’d been having a tough go of it, “she’s been playing the resume mill game;” shot gunning her resume all over town and just getting little response. Problem is the jobs she’d like and the experience she has match, but her education doesn’t.

 The resume mill is a hard game to play, it’s like applying to college; they tell you they look at the whole person – BS, they look at GPA and make 95% of the cuts from there. Playing the resume game is the same. This highly qualified awesome person has the wrong education and , but playing the resume game gets her lost in the shuffle.

 Unfortunately this happens to a lot of really great people. Good person, great intention, wrong system. There’s a better way.

 We brought her in talked to her, wrote up a quick bio and are now connecting her into our networks; I suspect she’ll find her dream job because of it.

You can do the same.

1 Use your network

“But I want to do it myself” is the most common objection I hear from people who don’t want to use their network (or their parents’ network). Understood. You want your career to be based on your own merit. That’s admirable and good. Now relax a minute, get the facts, the map, the idea; then decide.

Rarely does the job come from direct connections. Yes sometimes, but usually it’s a friend of a friend of a friend where you find the dream job. And that friend of a friend.. they’re not hiring you out of charity, they appreciate that you’ve been vetted (others know you, of you, they think highly enough of you.. to them it’s as if you’ve already gone through the interview process and a background check – it’s easier for them to make the right decision to bring you in to at least take a look at you. And because it’s not your Dad’s golfing buddy, he doesn’t feel obligated to hire you).

Using networks and connections is smart, for both parties.

If you want to see exactly how we do it, be sure to check out the 10x Your Network class, it comes with some pretty snazzy insider’s perspective of how to use your connections to achieve some extreme results. This class is really assembled from an entrepreneurs’ perspective, but the exact same process can be used to find, and keep finding, your dream job. P.S. Today about 35% of all our employees are referrals. 

Now that you know how to find the company let’s get you geared up for the interview do you can nail it.


Pre Interview

Understand your target’s motivation

It’s usually a complete frickin’ mystery what your dream job company is looking for, right? But if you knew, you could play your cards right and have a great chance at landing it. So let’s figure it out.     If you want them to want you, you need to know what they want.   It may not be what you think… It’s not always a Stanford MBA that gets the job; in fact there are many companies who would prefer a B student who dropped out of a Midwestern university after two years – and for the same job. If you’re the Stanford MBA you’re probably thinking that’s a load of nonsense, but it’s true. Some folks who hire may believe the Stanford grad will be an entitled arrogant subversive liberal and pick up their resume with a tongs and dispose of it along with medical waste, instead preferring the kid who had to leave college to take care of the family farm.   Even tech companies may prefer a balance of Stanford and Iowa, ever see ending to the movie The Intern?     [SHOW THAT HERE]         So how do I find out what they want?  


Yes, as in reconnaissance…   This is a mission, right?      

Ever see this razor commercial? 

The point is, the guy took queues – and took action.

What he could have done better is shaved his head in advance, that’s recon. But how could he have known to shave his head in advance?

He could have gone to the company website, probably gleaned some good info. about the history of the company and maybe even sen the same portraits he saw in the waiting room, and showed up bald. 

He could get a handle on the company attitude, products, services.

He could broaden his search and maybe find some other info on the company or topics in the news that affect the company.

He could narrow his search to the job he’s interviewing for and form some questions that are relevant to him doing his job exceedingly well, demonstrating that’s his aim. He could find the company’s mission statement or values and put together some questions or thoughts on them.

If they champion a cause, know it. If they have a patent and it relates to your job or general interest, know it. If they’ve written a book and you want the job, you should read their book so you have a handle on them.

Note: Everyone I interview knows I wrote a book, have a blog, the whole deal. So ask everyone I interview what they got from reading my book, blog, whatever. Notice I don’t ask them if they read it. If they haven’t, it’s really the end of our interview. Why? I don’t care if they liked it or not, this isn’t an ego thing, I’m wondering if they had the good sense to do recon.  

..I’m wondering if they had the good sense to do recon.


Call and ask

I know I know, it’s the era of dong everything online and trying to talk (as in with using a voice) to nobody, but the recon you can gather in a quick conversation can get you closer that hours online. Just test it…

 When doing recon what’s the harm in calling the company and asking a couple questions to make sure the company and the job are something are qualified for and you’d enjoy. When you call, who knows, your call may mark you as an A candidate ahead of everyone else.

Amazing how many people don’t do this stuff, yet how resourceful they come off looking when they do.

 Most people are smart enough, it’s just that they don’t take the time to take a few steps back and ask a few questions. They think it’s out of bounds, it’s not what you do, there are certain ways of doing things – true, for the crowd. But if you want your dream job, color outside the line.

If you want your dream job, color outside the lines.

Companies with dream jobs have everyone knocking at their door, what about you grabs their attention – then keeps it?


Package the right version of you

Now that you know what the company is all about and what they’re looking for it’s time to package yourself in a way that matches that dream job.

For example: If your background is Marketing the dream job is in Marketing and specifically PR and you’ve done recon, now you know to position yourself in a way that enhances your PR attributes. In our 1:1,000,000 class we suggest having more than one version of your resume and cover letter for just this purpose. Check it out for more ideas.

Free ideas JAM! session

And if you’ve done your recon, you probably see how your dream company is doing PR and show up with some “free” ideas that could help them right now whether they hire you or not.


Imagine how you would feel if you were the company doing the hiring, and someone shows up having already researched and thought through how they can help and even had some clear ideas to test. Wow!


FYI: Less than 1% of interviewees do this and I’ve wanted to hire everyone who did.

The Interview

We’ve already dipped into the interview (above) it’s conversational and comfortable, let’s keep going…

How to look surprisingly different in a good way

Stop and think here for a minute… The employer wants to make sure they make the right choice and so do you, right? So what’s better than a good ol’ conversation to figure that out.

You want to know what you’ll be doing, you both want amazing results and you should know what measures there are in place to make sure we’re getting that done, there’s logistical things and background things (remember the bald heads and all the recon you’ve done) – much of this will come up in the interview.

Ask clarifying questions, not that stupid shit you read from book somewhere on interviewing – the interviewer has heard them all before and may think that all you did was copy some questions down and have a checklist, that’s not going to get you your dream job, conversation will.

Be sure to ask things like..

What exactly do you want me to do? How will I know if I’m exceeding expectations?

What’s next with your company, where are you headed, how can I help get us (notice you said, “us” rather than “you.” A savvy interview will perk up on you already taking ownership and thinking like you’re on the team – that’s mighty good. And perhaps it plants a subliminal visualization of you there on the team.

Your good questions will be appreciated and taken as someone who’s thinking (a rarity). Your interview should be conversational w your questions intermixed – do not have a checklist of questions you go down and just ask them – it makes the interviewer feel like you’re interviewing them, which you are, kind of, but it makes them feel exactly the opposite of you trying to understand what they want and all about you.

Ask real things that you’re really interested in – with a spin that makes it sound like if you’re interested in doing what makes this business work even better than it does now.

Make sure they know what you’re passionate about (as it relates to the job). I realize it’s from a resume, but the best first line I ever saw on a resume started, “I love marketing.” I bet there’s no resume fluffing class at any university on this planet that has the balls to tell someone to write that – that was pure him.

Did I hire him? Yes I did.

That first line gave us a lot to talk about; it was clear he’s color outside the lines.


Things that will end your interview quickly, not for the better

Of course one interview question you can count on is something like, “What do you know about our company?” If they’ve done no recon they’ll fumble around and say something stupid or something that sounds smart, but is a terrible answer, like, “Not much really, I hoped you tell me…” Awesome. No recon. Clearly this isn’t their dream job interview. Goodbye.

“What do you have for me?”The door.

Seriously, people do things like that. Crazy.

What’s in it for them?

Even though you might be 100% interested in what’s in it for you, at this moment you need to be demonstrating “what’s in it for them.” You do this by being engaging. If you’re not engaging, you’re not interesting to the dynamic sort of company that is going to be thought-leading enough to craft a company and a job that’s going to all you the fun, challenge and ability to reach for what’s next.


When it’s done

When the conversation is over you want to wrap it up by pointing out how excited you are to use [enter your skills] to help the company achieve it’s goals faster than they expected.


Ask them, “What’s our next step?”


Know what the nest step is so nobody’s wondering. Timeframe is a big deal in life;   you asking them show’s that you understand this. Them knowing what it is show’s you they do too.




 #1 Get Clear

#2 Tap your network

#3 Recon

#4 Good ol’ conversation that demonstrates what’s in it for them

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