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What if your work served you, rather than the other way around?

What if you enjoyed work; like a game?  What if it provided all the money you needed and the time for your other pursuits as you wanted?  What if you could work from anywhere?  What would you have time to do?  How would your life change?

And if you’re an entrepreneur and built a business like the above, how much freedom would you have and how much would investors be willing to pay for it; if you were even ever willing to sell?

Problem is this isn’t how [we think] things work, but what if it was?  It can be, in a REWIRED world.



Take 98% of all our classes for FREE

We take a different approach from most “experts” out there; we give away 98% of our material for free, and aim to make that free material better than anyone else’s paid stuff.

Are we for real?

You can see us in action over at First Financial USA (FFUSA). It’s a 20+ year merchant services company John Eliason founded. It’s a wildly competitive industry, but we turn our approach sideways, avoid the competition, now it’s easier to sell, and our clients seem to love the approach.  You can see it here.

We never intended to sell CRM, we just wanted one that fit our model, saved steps, saved time, increased speed and bettered our connections, but we struggled to make it work with any of them, so we built our own,   Seems it solves the same problem others are having too.   People started asking if we’d sell it and after saying no for years, we’ve given in and are making it available now.  You can see that unfold here.

It’s not the Kardashians, but if you want to see an example of REWIRE living, John has offered up where he lives, works and plays.  If you want the thinking behind designing a life and then arranging work to support it, go to John’s personal site,

How can you be involved in so many projects?

You need to be relentless with your time.  Protecting it from people who will abuse it and when you’re in work mode, you can often get 2x more done, thus cutting the time in 1/2, you just need to be intentional and well planned.  It’s all about intent, use of time and building something that then requires less time as it runs. 

Why give so much information for free?

Life is short.  Every minute that ticks by the remaining ticks become more valuable.  If we can help more people live better, well, I guess we’ve done our job.

Do we have all the answers?

Ha.  Not even close.  But if we share what we’ve found, as well as the thinking, then we can all be part of the solution.

What’s next?

Sign up for some of the free courses, test what you learn, make it better by customizing to your situation, report back.  Keep reaching for what’s next.  Life is a never-ending learning experience, it’s amazing what a difference one little bit of information can unfold.

Your work needs to feed your soul, if it doesn’t it will take it.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a million, but you do need to do things just a bit differently. 

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. – Einstein.

Better get the model right.  Branson

The system is the solution – IBM

The trick is figuring out what to do differently, systemizing it and then turning up the power dial.
REWIRE helps you understand and apply what Einstein, Branson and the good people from IBM are talking about, because when you do, you can take real business to uncommon heights, fast!

If you live by the rules you’ll get average.

You better break the (right) rules

If you want average REWIRE is not for you.

We don’t just run around breaking rule to break rules, we lok at what we’re wanting to accomplish, take 4 steps back and start asking questions, like, “How can we double our income without having to work anymore hours and have a good time doing it?’

If you like our FREE programs, you’ll love our PAID..

If you like this sort of method, it’s the same thing we’ll teach you.

is for real people in real business who want the inside track from experienced people who have taken the time to find research out methods that speed results. 

REWIRE is for real b

where you want to make real money, build real business value and do it in a fraction of the time in a fucking relentless way.

3 Points, Social proof

Different lens – Ask it different questions – we call it doing an Einsten – same results.


We’re not just talking about it or researching it, we’re on of the only one’s you’ll find really living it.  Everything we teach we do by demonstrating how we actually do it in real live business for better results.

Only 3% of breakthrough

Winning doesn’t come from reading about it

Results: selling is easier, marketing is more certain, expenses are very low, profit is extremely high.

IBM was right!

The sytem is the solution.

Richard Branson was right!

Get the model right.

Seems wants to “think out of the box.”  Problem is you need to get out of the box before you start thinking.

What the heck does that mean?

Anyone can sell their soul to the 90-hour workweek and miss out on what’s most important all in the name of success.  But at some point we realize

isn’t what you think life is all about, then perhaps you need a better plan.  Problem is,

Usually you hear people say, “You need to work smarter than harder.”  And that sounds like a good idea, but what does it look like?  That’s what we wanted to know too, problem is

Then we stumbled on to Albert “       xxxx “

So.. it’s the thinking?

What the hell does that mean

Then it clicked

Work smarter not harder

At REWIRE we don’t question everything, but we do ask a lot of questions.  And when you discover methods that speed results faster than anyone you’ve ever heard of you may start asking yourself why you’ve haven’t been taught this before.  Then you realize it’s because nobody’s doing it so how could they teach it?

It’s like creating the wheel or hoisting a sail and realizing how much easier life just became; it may only be 3 degrees different, but the change it makes to life and business can make a legacy.

It’s not coloring outside the lines, it’s drawing your own picture. You’re not breaking the rules because you’re

It’s not thinking outside the box, it’s creating your own

We color outside the lines, we don’t follow typical rules and we don’t follow typical curves, instead we arc from where we are to where we want to go – and just go there. 

we follow what works amazingly well.

We don’t have all the answers, but it seems the answers we found are answers others are looking for too, so we decided to share.

At REWIRE we don’t question everything, but we do ask a lot of questions.  And when we start

experience faster results than anyone you’ve ever heard of you may start asking yourself why you’ve haven’t been taught this before.

But the trick isn’t to ask questions, everyone already does that, the trick is

But before we get too philosophical

It’s the answers to those questions that

Someone wise once said, “The farther you can see in to the future the greater your degree of success.”  In REWIRE

While everyone else is fighting for the same thing

step aside and let the dust cloud rumble on by. 

Typical business training and education is full of rules to help you understand how things work.  Problem is, those same rules

“The thinking that got us here can’t be the thinking tha gets us out.”

– Einsten

REWIRE teaches you how to see where you want to go, then rewire a system to get there – usually in a fraction of the time.

To get you going quickly we have shortcuts, ground we’ve already broken, practical methods, systems and tools we’ve found to save steps, save time, increase speed and better your connections.  These may be all you need to get free. 

Start here




MBA – Typical MBA’s will get you a good job, REWIRE MBA will set you free.

COACH – must have your REWIRE MBA


Where did these methods come from?

Real people – real business.


We found solutions for our own life and business

Do they work

They work for us and they work for a lot of others.  They may not work for you, but if they don’t they’re still guaranteed.   Send it back and we’ll refund 100% of your money.  See, unlike most folks whose job it is to sell training, most of our income is actually made in other businesses applying what we teach.  This of course means that whatever we’re teaching is what we’re using and as we change what we’re doing, we’ll alos adjust out training to what’s working best right now.

Do you coach?

Of course we offer REWIRE classes. But currently we only coach selling what we sell.  So, if you’re associated with us in one of our companies yes we do, otherwise, no we don’t.


Doing the same thing and expecting different

The trick with breaking the rules is you need to know which ones to break.  Break all the rules and you’re just a wreck, the wrong rules and you’re in trouble, but break the right rules and you breakthrough.  REWIRE breaks

breaking rules and rewiring methods to speed results.

You can follow the rules and wonder why it’s not working out for you or you can break the riles and rewrite

You can do it the way everyone else does it and wonder why you’re not breaking through or you can

REWIRE is a real. 

Everything we teach we do.  While other’s research what people like us do and then try to teach it, we can simply teach by demonstrating, which makes it easier to teach and easier to understand.  We actually live it so you can too. gets edgy because we shine light on every aspect and that can get a bit touchy.

We take common problems and find practical methods that speed results, often in life changing ways; we call this rewiring.   Then teach them by demonstrating so you can apply them yourself. 

We call this rewiring and we earn millions and enjoy life applying it ourselves, here’s how it works:


The problem with the typical work, business, life … we said screw that… 

you can use these methods and an employee to break records or as an entrepreneur to …

For example

How to launch business with little money, and it works better than those with all the money?

How to double sales, working no more hours and enjoying it?

How to operate business from virtually anywhere?

How to have all the money you need and all the time you want?

How do you double sales without working more


Freedom (Time).

Examples: Sales way up, simple tweeks, backwards.  Targets.  Systyems..

Built a CRM

Appled to FFUSA.

Teach our team.

Teach others the REWIRE way.



Other business education

Other educators  – just taking, we’re living.  More like a guide…

Better get the model right – Branson.


Who’s target?  Entrepreneurs?  Perhaps no for the MBA.  The REWIRE MBA is for entrepreneurs

The traditional MBA will get you a good job, REWIRE MBA will set you free.

So… everything REWIRE does is to both make you more money AND to speed time to get there – this way you have more time.

The problem with typical business is just that, it’s typical.  And that means ordinary results.  If you’re doing what everyone else is doing it’s tough to stand out. Sure, you can work harder and maybe even double your income until you burn out.  That’s not much of a life. 

Here at REWIRE we simply look at things differently.  We ask different questions, test new ideas, measure results, come up with better ways and then apply what we know to real life business.  The end results sometimes looks close to what everyone else does and sometimes radically different, but that’s innovation, right? 


Eberyone want to go to heaven and nobody wants to die.


What I needed was sales, and fast.  No, what I really needed was money, and fast.  Either would be fine please.  I was struggling, I was grasping and then I was bankrupt.  It was at that moment I knew the system I was taught failed me.

First Financial USA

Repositioned and grew 125%


We took credit card processing, repositioned it in the market and added value the competition doesn’t even understand. Sales increased 125% year one, difficulty selling was cut by 80% and profit increased 3000% over a decade. We became known as the go-to guys.

You can also see FFUSA results in the press, check it out here.


CRM that saves time


Everyone knows, if you want to go fast, you need CRM. The problem is they’re too difficult to figure out. Most of us just pull the plug on what we thought would be really cool. We built CONNECT to do what you wish the others did.

In the News

First Financial USA Wins Best Place to Work 8 Years in a Row!

Check it out here!

A Message to Students


Because we get where you are, we can help

If you’re new and all alone in business, I get it; I’ve been there, we’ve been there. If you need more sales, more money, more freedom, I get it; I’ve been there, we’ve been there. If you’re growing and needing to understand how to add people and departments, I get it; I’ve been there, we’ve been there…

Heck, I started alone and in my basement with little money, no clients and worked a night job to make ends meet. Today First Financial USA, has landed nearly 12,000 clients (and growing), we have offices and real estate, in-house team and many more all over the country and we’ve been voted Best Places to Work 8 years-in-a-row by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal. We rewired CRM to create CONNECT.CX and now we’re distributing REWIRE training around the world. At the same time I was the dad who went on my kids’ school field trips, coached their sports and took (still take) them on amazing adventures all over the world – sometimes for weeks at a time.

And it all (the good stuff) started by asking one simple question, “How can I double my income, not work anymore than I am now and have a good time doing it.”

I don’t tell you this to impress you, but to impress upon you that this is all doable. You can design it and you can live it. You may just need a little help, that’s REWIRE. Welcome to a world REWIRED to suit you.

All my personal best,

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