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How do you know what to do with your life?


Talk about ironic…

Though brief and off hand, these text comments say what I think so many of us feel.

The situation was simple, I was briefly texting with two guys about completely separate topics.  The way they ended up crashing together was fascinating!  Both conversations turned to life and what they’re doing with theirs.   One guy is 25 and the other 60.  Both are bright, talented and have plenty of opportunities in life – but there’s a problem.

The young one doesn’t know what to do and the older one wishes he would have taken the time to figure it out.

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25 year old:
“Sorry i didn’t get back to you… I don’t know what to do with my life…  Kinda burnt out on selling crap that is of zero interest to me.”
John Eliason:
Exactly.  I couldn’t agree more! It never works to do/sell what you’re not passionate about because of all the challenges.

25 yr old:
“I know you’re right. I’ve just had trouble focusing on my current situation vs finding something that I enjoy.”

Meanwhile… I get this from the 60 yr. old:
“Working here is not as much fun as it used to be. If I were a few years younger I might be looking to leave. But at my age leaving probably isn’t a smart thing to do. Just suck it up I guess!!”

Looking at that again, and with a little insight into his situation, it seems to me that the young one is saying, “I’m working “90 hrs a week” struggling to make what I hate a success.” While the older one is saying that’s exactly what he did and now wishes he was younger so he could have done things differently. 

What would you say if this were you best friend, your child.. yourself?

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