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Merge into Business

Lab Notes

A lot of people get referrals; the problem is not knowing what to say when they follow up. After thousands and thousands and thousands of calls, here’s what we like:

1. Call the person, state your name and who you were referred by
Smile (they can hear it in your voice) and laugh a little while on the phone, it will help the person on the other end to automatically loosen up.

2. Talk about your connection with the referrer
Something like this: “Hi Alex, this is John Eliason, Allison Anderson and I are in Rotary Club together, and she suggested I give you a jingle –

“How are you doing?”

-Let them speak, listen to what they say and how they say it. Turn everything off and tune into them.

From there, you can merge into business.

Like this: “Hey, the reason I’m calling today is….”

It’s simple, smooth, conversational and it works.

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