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Most new businesses struggle, but they don’t have to.

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We humans are a pretty quick study… Look at how fast infants learn to speak – all they do is take cues from people around them!  Problem is that we continue to take cues from the crowd around us, and sometimes this backfires.  Just look at business – especially start-ups (and most people in sales).  Most fail.  Why?  Because we copy what we see and we fail too – and the cycle continues.  Thankfully there is a solution.  It starts by taking four steps back – to get a big wide view, and intentionally looking for examples of what we want to emulate.  Then we do what we do best, copy what we see and voila’, more success.

Here are 3 distinct methods we see winners use.  Pick any one, make it your own – you’ll be farther ahead.

1:02 How to launch a career (or business); because most everyone is in a hurry they miss this and it ends up costing huge.

2:35  The little things that really means to “Just do it.”

4:32 The secret of expanding your warm market – by absorbing others’.

Get any one of these three right and you’re way ahead.  Watch>>>>


P.S. After shooting the last video (Below) – The Crowd vs The Rewired – the camera man said, “That was really good, but what about real life examples..?”  He was right!  So I immediately shot 3 more videos with very specific methods and actions we take to get 2x-20x better results  – here’s the first.

Get the behind- the-scenes strategies I use to launch products and build successful online businesses.

Learn the secrets of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs:
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