Resume ToC

The red fish resume

Background: Where does this strategy come from?

What if you simply knew what to put on your resume to get hired, how much easier would that make life?

Understand the game so you can win

It might seem you’re screwed

People in HR are actually human

Because we’re human, you need to market to us

Marketing 101

1) Minimum words, maximum contrast

2) Clever surprises

What better way to showcase what you’re capable of then to demonstrate it right up-front

3) We love things that benefit us

Clever 101

Push it to the top

Please color outside the lines

I love

Be strategic

Semi-Customize it!

Beating the 4.0 [Stanford] MBA

Accentuate the highs, minimize the lows

Reduce your carbon footprint

Test it

Look for this unexpected benefit

I want photos!

I want more photos

The mistake everyone makes in advertising is the same mistake everyone makes in a resume