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Play a different game

Lab Notes

Winning does not mean being stronger or faster than everyone else.

Winning often means not competing at all, it means playing a different game – or playing a similar game with your own rules.

We see this is real life, every day, in business. Most people go out doing business and immediately offer what everyone else does and think they need to compete on specifications (think RAM, gigabytes, horsepower, whatever) or price – the wildly successful know this is a beginner’s game. There are plenty of examples:

Look at Apple, it’s not RAM, it’s lifestyle, it’s what you identify with – and it’s more expensive and it’s wildly successful – and profitable!

Our company First Financial Merchant Services, did something similar with our Giveback program. It’s not about price, it’s about supporting a cause, giving… It’s a whole different mentality that’s open many a closed door.

What can you do to test playing a different game? To set yourself apart from the competition in a positive way that’s completely different? Reinvent, reflect, think differently as Apple would say. It’s there, you just need to find it.

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