Own Money ToC

Breathing Space Money

If you had $1,000.00 extra dollars coming in every month coming in, in addition to your work, how would that give you more breathing space?

The kind of money that buys happiness

Independent, F.U. money

You get to live better

Take awesome vacations

You can have a nicer place to live

Get out of debt or investment your money

You can give it away

F.U. money in weird situations

F.U. money in your job

The best money is the kind you get to keep

OK, OK.. I need my own money, but how?

Figuring out what to sell

All the money and no time

Success leaves clues

Establishing a fee for your service

First things first

It’s ok to be awkward





Do an Einstein

Einstein engaged

Think needs, wants and value

My Wage

Go to it