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If you could find a job that was interesting, challenging and even fun– and every day you reached for what’s next in a way that’s meaningful to you–how would that change your life?

Problem is that 80% of us hate our jobs, so clearly there’s something wrong with the typical process of getting a job, let alone finding a dream job.

But some people really do love their jobs. Sure, those jobs are challenging, but not in an exasperating way–in a “reach” sort of way. In those jobs, people have to reach, figure it out, and turn the page. It’s interesting and they can’t wait till tomorrow.

Hint: It’s not what they’re telling you in school…   What we’re finding is a whole different way of thinking that lands the dream job.

If you could land your dream job in the next few months, how would that change your life?

Your dream job is out there.  It’s exciting.  It’s different.  It wants you as much as you want it.  Here’s how.

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